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Like the book, the film follows the story of an unnamed nomadic drifter (Costner) who stumbles across the uniform of an old United States Postal Service mail carrier and unwittingly inspires hope through an empty promise of a "Restored United States of America".

Released on Christmas of 1997 from Warner Bros., The Postman was a major critical and commercial failure, grossing a total of million worldwide.

In one of the towns, the nomad is forced into the ranks of the predominant militia, known as the Holnists and run by General Bethlehem.

It looks professionally made, but it doesn't remind me of any specific manufacturer that I have seen.

It has some characteristics of a Hawaiian-made ukulele (including the bridge and the arched back), but most of the Hawaiian-made ukuleles were made of koa wood.

Transportation Milestones Around the CRR of NJ Jersey City Terminal (now Liberty State Park) and the NJ / NY Port Area Capt. The leading edge or terminal moraine of the sheet stretches from the southern end of Staten Island, across the Narrows and through Brooklyn and Queens.

Bill Mc Kelvey, Editor Introduction: Included are milestones, events, and things of mostly transportation importance within the entire NJ / NY Port area. Without the terminal moraine, most of Long Island, including Brooklyn and Queens, would lie beneath the Atlantic Ocean.

Due to the unavailability of month and / or day of some events / items, the listings of them under each year may not be in exact chronological order. This large body of water was Glacial Lake Iroquois - a prehistoric proglacial lake which was essentially an enlargement of the present Lake Ontario. The discharge of this fresh water into the Atlantic Ocean is thought to have triggered climatic changes caused by the altering of the Gulf Stream. The Leni Lenape (which means “original people”) were hunting and raising crops, such as corn, beans and squash, in the area which has become New Jersey. 1,000 Norsemen (Norwegian Vikings sailing out of Iceland and Greenland) are credited by most scholars with being the first Europeans to discover America.

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