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I had this whole thing that I wanted to say to you, and then you look at me, and I just... You are the strongest, most fearless, beautiful woman I've ever met. He tried to impress her by giving her medical information about her patient without her having to ask for it, but she didn't seem to notice his effort.

I really like you and I just thought I should say that, so you knew, because I... She didn't really pay attention to him, because she was too busy with teaching Stephanie Edwards how to run the ER.

She called Jackson, informing him that they were about to bring in a trauma patient.

Jackson informed several other attendings, and together they broke open the ER doors.

By fully incorporating the gospel into your life, your happiness will increase.

You will naturally want to share that joy with those around you (see 1 Nephi ; Enos 1:9).

Disconnect from her on all social media, and purposely avoid having any personal or phone contact with her — or through other people.

Matthew and Nicole assisted April, Jackson, and other doctors to give the boy primary first aid care.Dear Amy: I’ve been dating a woman for about six months now.We started dating soon after what I thought was her official breakup with her ex-boyfriend.Create the kind of life you would like to invite others into.The Savior taught, “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” (John ).Therefore, both Matthew and April had some free time, so they ate burritos in the ambulance.

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